Community Council Minutes for October 2021

Minutes of the Pittenweem Community Council Meeting held in the New Town Hall on 14th October 2021 at 7 pm


Present: Margaret Wardlaw, Linda Lauder, Peter Mills, Jim Wood, & Gary McClure. (Late arrival)


Public Attending: Duncan Lucas


Councillors: Cllr. John Docherty, Cllr. Linda Holt, Cllr. Bill Porteous


Apologies: Lynn Balfour


Public Attending: No Public in attendance.


Opening of Meeting: M.W thanked everyone for being punctual tonight and welcomed everyone to the meeting. There were no guest speakers tonight.

It was agreed to go over the balance of the accounts for the AGM, all members had been given a copy of last year’s paper work which also included a copy of the Council grant form that was filled in for this coming year. J.W proposed the accounts and P.M seconded them. Duncan Lucas would like to become a member of the PCC unfortunately the paper work was unavailable, D.L  agreed for it to be carried over to the next meeting as he had already been a member 20 years ago.


Councillor’s Report:

Cllr. J.D reported that there was some speculation that the Pittenweem Recycle Centre was to close but it has been confirmed that this is not the case.

It is to remain open. Bookings are still in place for vans, trucks & trailers, no bookings required for cars.

Cllr L.H confirmed with M.W that East Neuk Forum had booked the Pittenweem New Town on the 10th November 7pm to hold the East Neuk Community Group/Forum and the meeting was open to the whole community which would be advertised the week before the meeting in the East Fife Mail. M.W would also add the information to the NTH website.


Cllr B.P reported he will be resigning from F.C in 2022 there will be 2 local candidates standing for the Liberal Democrats, Sean Dillion from Pittenweem and Fiona Corps from Anstruther.

On short term lets there is support for controlled areas connected to short term letting, F.C has asked how will it be established? it is part of an effort to control the use of houses for holidays. There is also concerns about registration and licenses of businesses that do letting, not everyone is happy regarding the regulations the Scottish Government has set out. Although there are changes.

Cllr B.P also noted that there are always requests for commemorative benches within the communities but has written to colleagues suggesting the option of planting a tree instead.


Adoption of Last Minutes: Proposed by: J.W Seconded by: P.M


M.W reported a few letters has been received to say thank you to the PCC for allowing them to speak at the last meeting. Andrew Whiteford would be willing to help & advise on any future developments the PCC have regarding the last meeting discussions on the cycle path.


Tolbooth Steeple: P.M reported most of the work is still off site which are the cutting & shaping of the stones. Cllr L.H is still making inquiries regarding a policy on how to look after Common Good Property and will keep the PCC up to date on the progress.


MUP: P.M explained that a public consultation on the Anstruther/Pittenweem route went online 11th October and will close 12th November and had asked other members if it could be circulated into the community. There are to be two face to face meetings in Anstruther and two face to face meetings in Pittenweem  to ensure the public, that don’t have electronic devices can fill out paper copies of the survey manually as well as view maps and ask questions they may have. The place and dates will be advertised shortly. To involve the community to have their say, postcards advertising the survey and consultation is being considered by delivering them to households in Pittenweem. Cllr. J.D suggested adding a phone number to the postcards for anyone who required a paper copy. The next meeting is to be held Friday 22nd October.

P.M went on to inform everyone regarding the Shared Multi Path, Pittenweem to Elie/ Earlsferry, a meeting had been held on the 6th October with Crispin Hayes who presented 4 different routes which were The Old Railway Line, North of the A917, South of the A917 and the Coastal Path. He had approached the land owners, the preference the group agreed on was the North of the A917, and this will continue from Milton Road and will travel around the back of the village continuing on the north side onto St Monans. These maps can be seen on the ENCAP website.


Pittenweem Community Consultation: M.W reported that the funding forms had been filled in and sent back but there has been no response. Sheena Watson who originally held the zoom meeting, how to start a consultation is now working in another department. Cllr L.H will contact Donald Grant for information on the situation.


NHS Update: LL sent a copy of paperwork to all members.


Recycle centre: is now open to the general public. Cars no longer need to use the booking system but trailers, vans & pick-up trucks still have to fill in the booking forms.


Broadband: Simon Baldwin is likely to attend the East Neuk Forum to report on this issue.  It was agreed the East Neuk does need better broadband.


Grit Bins: LL reported notes of the locations & which bins needed filled were ready to send back to F.C. Most bins were full, some half empty and one or two had moved because they were not where F.C had noted their locations.


Police Report: had been sent to all, M.W reported that there had been a few burglaries in Pittenweem recently, so please keep all doors and windows locked, don’t leave valuables in sight. Cllr B.P also reported that burglaries had also taken place in St Monans.


Road Closure: Resurfacing work was to be carried out 18th October until 22nd October at the West Braes, J.W informed the committee the road had already been resurfaced. A manhole cover was to be replaced on Queen Elizabeth Road.


Cemetery Positions in Fife: Cllr J.D explained extensions to cemeteries are still being explored, for instance enquiries to approach land owners to buy some of their land or to use council land that maybe available. Some cemeteries that are already in use could be extended. P.M noted work is already being carried out on a new crematorium on the road from Arncroach to the Higham Toll but this one will be a private crematorium.


Cove Wynd: The new light is still waiting to be replaced.


Water Wynd: Cllr J.D is to follow up the concerns regarding the parking and repainting No Entry across the bottom of Water Wynd.


The Wreath: L.L is to lay the wreath on behalf of the PCC on Remembrance Sunday.


The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee: P.M had sent an email to all regarding this issue and planting trees. M.W reported that a couple of trees had been planted at the back of the New Town Hall relating to the Queen’s other special years. The main concern is where in Pittenweem can they be planted and vandalism is a worry. P.M suggested the Woodland Trust where the PCC could apply for some trees, help would be needed to plant them. Cllr J.D suggested getting in contact with the tree cutting officer at F.C. more discussions on the subject will continue.


Benches: the benches have been sanded down, some minor repairs has still to be done, and they have already had their first undercoat of paint.



Twinning: M.W has been in contact with the person who originally wrote to the PCC regarding the twinning, they are going to try and find information for us.


New Members: The PCC would like to encourage residents to come along to their meetings. It was thought maybe the younger generation were too busy with other things. The West Braes Project was praised for getting some of the community spirit back by getting the outdoor pool up and running again.



Data Protection: LL had received an email from St Monans CC regarding Data Protection Policy, this had been dealt with when she replied back by suggesting who they might be able to contact.


Planning Report: J.W reported there had been a lot of internal planning received this month, the main ones were

  • The memorial has been permitted for the bench, post and chain fence at Mid Shore.
  • The Tennis Courts have applied again for a sports pavilion and toilet block which are two containers, other items refer to internal work including windows.

Cllr J.D reminded the PCC that he was still on the committee of the Fishermen’s Memorial Association.


Secretary’s Report: LL reported Data Protection is up for renewal which is to be paid by 14th November 2021.

  • The Grit bins have been checked & ready for an email to be sent to Bill Liddle.
  • An email had been sent in regards to a blue plaque in memorial to Ian Stewart and who could they contact if it wasn’t community business? L explained Ian Stewart had been a co-founder and played keyboard for the Rolling Stones and was born in Pittenweem, he died of a heart attack in 1985. It was noted that it wasn’t council business but to put them in touch with Heritage Scotland.
  • Lesley Craig had sent an email asking if the PCC if they still objected to moving the bus stop at Viewforth Place. The email was circulated to everyone and a reply was sent back explaining the PCC still objected to this proposal.


Treasurer’s Report: M.W reported last month balances were sent out to all.

This month the bank balance is £730.09

The balance in the fundraiser is £3,835.29 which includes £2,000 which is ring fenced for the community consultation but sits in this account.

M.W continued to explain the bank statements are still being sent to our previous treasurer despite numerous attempts to change it.



  • L reported the butterfly tree was still growing out of the Primary school roof, Cllr J.D is to chase this up.
  • L reported the amount of people he had spoken to who are unable to get a face to face appointments with their G.Ps. It was noted that when phoning a doctor’s surgery people should be able to ask for a face to face appointment if they feel uncomfortable speaking on the phone.
  • W presumed L.L had sent out to everyone a copy of Community Councils in Fife Supplementary Information, but this had not been the case. The booklet contained information dealing with complaints, conflict and meditation. It’s about all the behaviour that can happen in a community council from people around the table to people we invite, giving advice. This will be sent out to all including councillors.


MW closed the meeting at around 8.50pm and thanked everyone for coming.


The Next Meeting will be Thursday 11th November 2021 at 7:00pm in the New Town Hall.



PCC – Pittenweem Community Council. MW – Margaret Wardlaw.

LL – Linda Lauder. JW – Jim Wood. PM – Peter Mills. DL – Duncan Lucas.

GM – Gary McClure.

FC – Fife Council.  Cllr LH – Councillor Linda Holt. Cllr JD Councillor John Docherty and Cllr BP – Councillor Bill Porteous.

MUP – Multi Use Path. NTH – New town Hall.