Community Council Minutes for November 2021

Minutes of Meeting held in the New Town Hall the

on Thursday 11th November 2021 at 7pm


Present: Margaret Wardlaw, Linda Lauder, Gary McClure, Peter Mills, Jim Wood, Duncan Lucas, Lynn Balfour

Councillors: Cllr. John Docherty, Cllr. Bill Porteous

Apologies: Cllr. Linda Holt

Public Attending: 2 members of the public were in attendance.


Opening of Meeting:

The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and noted that items being raised by members of the public in attendance would be heard first, before proceeding with the main agenda. 

Information was provided from ‘Footprint East Neuk’ about a tree planting event taking place at Craigtoun Park where 1000 trees will be planted on Sunday 28 November and Sunday 5 December between 11.00am and 2.00pm.  Further details can be found on the Footprint East Neuk Facebook page.  Spaces must be reserved and can be done by emailing

There was a discussion about the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations and the possibility of the PCC acquiring free trees from the Woodland Trust and planting them to commemorate the occasion.  It was noted that trees are now available from the Woodland Trust for delivery in March 2022 and Footprint East Neuk would be willing to help organise this.  Location of the tree planting in Pittenweem was discussed and it was agreed that the park next to the NTH would be an ideal place.  Permission will need to be sought


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from FC.  Cllr BP noted that FC have been responding positively  to such PAGE 1 requests.  Cllr JD suggested that it would be useful to make contact with Brian Taylor, the Tree Cutting Officer at FC.


Proposal of October 2021 Minutes

The October minutes were proposed by J. Wood and seconded by P. Mills


Councillors’ Reports

Cllr JD reported that the AGM for Visit East Neuk will take place at the Pavilion in Earlsferry, Elie on 24th November. Martin Dibley will be coordinating tickets.  Cllr BP noted that Cllr JD laid a wreath for a Remembrance service at Elie which was well attended.  Cllr JD will also be laying a wreath for FC and Linda Lauder will be laying a wreath on behalf of the PCC at Pittenweem Parish Church on Remembrance Sunday.


Matters Arising

Tolbooth Steeple

Having spoken with the project manager, PM provided the following updates on progress. More masonry damage has been discovered.  The spire down to the parapet will be completed this week.  The scaffolding will be kept on as the Weather Vane has still to be placed on top. It is anticipated the scaffolding will remain in place until the Spring 2022. JW and PM will inspect work in the coming week.  There are ongoing problems with supplies of stone.  Cllr BP noted the arrival of the cockerel would be a good photo opportunity for the local press to run a story highlighting the good work restoring the steeple.  PM highlighted uncertainty about the Church going forward given Church Commissioners are aiming to close a number of churches in the area.  No decisions have been made yet on which churches to close.



PM reported the public consultation had finished and the survey is due to close on Friday 12th November.  There has been a good response to the survey to date.  243 people were recorded visiting the public consultation and volunteers spoke to many more people than that.  It is hoped that a meeting will take place with Crispin Hayes in a week’s time for survey results Page 2

to be presented and to discuss a way forward.  It was noted that the group has agreed that they will not be bound by the outcome of the survey.   Whichever path is selected will be built before the connecting path commences onto Elie.  It was highlighted that this poses a safety problem for exiting onto the main road in Pittenweem.  It was noted that residents are concerned a decision has already been made but it was confirmed that nothing has been decided and it is all up for discussion. 


Shared Path Pittenweem to Earlsferry

PM noted that four proposed routes for the Pittenweem to Elie path are now available to view on the ENCAP website. 


Community Consultation

PM reported that David Stutchfield has agreed to lead a community consultation for the PCC.  The last community consultation took place in 2012.   There have been communications with PAS in Edinburgh who will help to facilitate public meetings.  The plan is to have an online and paper survey. 


Gillingshill Nature Reserve

Cllr BP provided an update on activity since the news broke about FC putting the Gillingshill Nature Reserve up for sale.  Approximately 30 people gathered at Gillingshill on Sunday in support of the nature reserve.  Cllr BP noted that FC want to sell the nature reserve but the buyer will have to meet certain criteria.  The nature reserve and reservoir will be sold as a package.    A ‘Friends of Gillingshill’ group has been set up to support the nature reserve. 

Cllr JD noted that he visited the site, and issues were raised about the condition of fencing, paths, and entrance signs.  Cllr JD reported this to FC and a subsequent inspection of the site was carried out.   Cllr JD confirmed that what is being sold is the reservoir and the nature reserve, maintenance of the reservoir is included in the conditions of the sale.  The FCCT were approached about purchasing this site but have confirmed something like this is not in their remit.


Public Parks and Open Spaces

The PCC received an email from FC regarding a consultation which closes on

the 15th November on proposed management rules for public parks and open

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spaces. It was reported that there were concerns on how this would be enforced along with the cost of putting up signage in public places. LL will submit a reply before the consultation ends.

East Neuk Broadband

FC is no longer supporting the East Neuk Broadband initiative due to lack of funding.  It was noted that further information about the initiative is expected in the new year. 


Recycling Centre

Cllr JD provided an update about rumours circulating that the Pittenweem Recycling Centre is going to close.  Cllr JD contacted Cllr Ross Vettraino at FC who confirmed this is not the case and there are no plans for this to happen.  Cllr Ross Vettraino noted that extending the opening periods is being considered. 


Grit Bins

LL has sent a chart to Bill Liddle at FC about status and situation of grit bins in Pittenweem.

  • Bottom of Water Wynd – right location – Full
  • Cove Wynd – Library – right location – Full
  • Milton Rd – right location – Full
  • New Grange Park – – right location – Full
  • Ninian Fields by Tennis Courts – right location – Full
  • Priory Court- ADJ no. 15 (not no.13) – Full
  • School Wynd – right location – Full
  • Toft Court – right location – Full
  • Backgate – right location – Half full
  • Braehead Rd – St. Abbs leading on to Milton Pl – Half full
  • St Adrian’s Rd – right location – Half full
  • Top of Water Wynd – right location – Empty
  • Ninian Fields – right location – Empty
  • Queen Elizabeth Rd – Missing

It was agreed that the Queen Elizabeth Road grit bin will be replaced and that the second grit bin from Water Wynd will be placed on the University Avenue/Terrace junction given Water Wynd is on a primary route for footpath gritting so does not require two grit bins.

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Police Report

MW noted that a copy of the Police report for the last month had been circulated to PCC members.  The report received was a combined report for Anstruther, Cellardyke and Pittenweem, therefore data specific to Pittenweem could not be extracted.  It was noted that several thefts in Pittenweem that have been reported to the Police do not appear to be included in the report.  There have been reports of door handles being tried at several properties.  The PCC highlighted advice is to keep doors locked at all times.


Cove Wynd

PM noted there was no update on the light installation at Cove Wynd.  The process started in February and FC have confirmed they are busy with installing festive lighting.


Water Wynd

It was noted that the issue with cars parking along the bottom of Water Wynd appears to have been resolved for now.


Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – Tree Planting/Beacon

The PCC received an email about lighting a beacon to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June 2022.  The PCC agreed this would be a good thing to take forward for the community.  It was agreed to ask the West Braes group to see if it would be possible to use the West Braes as a location for the beacon.  It was agreed that a local piper could also be engaged as part of a community event.  An application will need to be made to be recognised as an official site for hosting the beacon.  LL will take this forward.  



MW confirmed she sent another email to the joiner about repairing the noticeboard but has had no response.  It was noted that bigger print is required for the notices that are being put up and they need to be placed further down so that they can be easily read.  JW also agreed to give the inside of the glass a clean.

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MW noted that the benches have been viewed and there are some broken pieces due to the improper use of a mechanical sander.  MW has engaged a builder working on the NTH who has agreed to fix the benches at a cost of £800.  There is money in the PCC/NTH fundraising accounts which will cover the cost, but it was noted that funding will also be needed for the purchase of some new lights for the trees in the High Street.


Provision of Bike Racks

FC contacted the PCC about suggestions for locations for new bike racks in Pittenweem.  LL will send an email with suggested locations including the West Braes, Mid-Shore, High Street and the playpark. 



MW reported there was no further update on this. 


New Members

MW noted that Duncan Lucas has completed paperwork to become a full member of PCC.  It was agreed that after the new year there will be a drive to recruit new members. 



JW noted there were not many planning updates to report on and highlighted some of the key updates since the last meeting

  • New extension application for 15 Ninian Fields
  • Work has started at the Tennis Club
  • 16 West Shore: listed building consent for inside alterations

An enquiry had been received about ownership/usage of the Pittenweem Inn.  JW noted that planning permission had been granted around 18 months ago for work to be carried out and permission for this is valid for up to 3 years. 


Secretary’s Report

LL provided the following updates, further to those already provided during the meeting:

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  • Data Protection has been paid. MW paid by card & will be reimbursed. It was arranged that the PCC Secretary will have responsibility for paying by card and claiming the money back.
  • The brown bin collection will move from collection every two weeks to collection every four weeks over the winter period. Collection dates are available on FC’s online calendar. 


Treasurer’s Report

MW noted that she received a letter from the bank confirming the account had been updated in her name. MW has now received bank statements for the PCC accounts.  MW noted that £149.75 was paid to her for ink and paper supplies.   


Chair’s Report

No further updates outwith points already covered during meeting.



The following points were noted:

  • A complaint has been received about the roadside path out of Pittenweem to Grangemuir being difficult to use due to being overgrown. Cllr JD agreed to take this forward. 
  • Cllr BP discussed pupil numbers at Pittenweem Primary School noting it is always important to be aware of the intake each year to ensure healthy numbers. It was noted that Pittenweem and St Monans currently has a shared head teacher. 
  • PM noted that during the cycle path consultation the PAF showed an interest in the work the PCC is doing. It was highlighted that members of the PAF are welcome to attend the PCC meetings to find out more. 
  • DL noted there was almost a collision between cars due to one car driving down Lady Wynd and turning to the right instead of the left,(driver was confused by sign) meeting up with another car coming up the High Street at the church corner. A no entry sign was suggested.  Cllr BP will look in to taking this forward.  
  • A further discussion was had about new members for the PCC. The two members of public in attendance agreed to join the PCC.  One will join as

a full member and the other will join as a co-opted member.  The necessary Page 7

paperwork will be arranged.


MW closed the meeting at 8.55 pm by thanking everyone for attending.

Next Meeting:  Thursday 9th December 2021 at 7:00pm in the NTH.



PCC – Pittenweem Community Council.  MW – Margaret Wardlaw, LL – Linda Lauder,   PM – Peter Mills, GM – Gary McClure and JW – Jim Wood, DL – Duncan Lucas

Cllr LH – Councillor Linda Holt, Cllr – JD Councillor John Docherty and Cllr BP – Councillor Bill Porteous. FC – Fife Council.

OOHS – Out of Hours Service, MUP – Multi Use Path, PAF – Pittenweem Arts Festival, NTH – New Town Hall. WBP – West Braes Project.

CGF – Common Good Fund, FCCT – Fife Coast and Countryside Trust

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