New Members Wanted for Pittenweem New Town Hall

There is a desperate need for new members/trustees to join the above team. We do not want this hall to end up closing because of the lack of interest from our community.

I am sure there must be some younger members over 16 who would be willing to help out with the overall running and looking after this hall.

The only criteria is that you must live within the Pittenweem boundary. There has been a lot of money spent on it over the past six years to help improve the facilities we offer.

Basically, there are only two members carrying it at the moment, both in their 70’s so young blood is needed.

We are willing to take a step back and content ourselves by being just an ordinary member until you find your feet. It has not been easy over the past two years but we have kept our head above water and are really quite busy with bookings starting to come in again for social events.

If you are interested or want more information then, please contact me:

Margaret Wardlaw, 01333-312362 or