Clocks and Automata a hands-on exhibition!

Quirky Clocks and Amazing Automata… These are the results of woodcrafter Ian Graham’s Lockdown Labours, now brought toĀether in an exhibition where the visitors do the work – fiddling with clocks and driving crazy contraptions!

Clocks were the among the first devices where ingenious mechanisms were put to work for a purpose – telling the time. Nowadays for doing that job we have electronic digital clocks…. Amazingly reliable and accurate, but they lack the clunky charm of old-school mechanics!

That’s what you’ll see here -pendulums, escapements, cogs, ratchets…

And the decorative nature of clocks is not forgotten. The Arts and Crafts movement and the Glasgow style inspire some of the clock designs. Elegant native hardwoods are used in all the clocks.

Gears, cams, levers, twisty bits – they all work together to to produce surprising and often amusing results.

Operating handles are sanitised after every use to maintain a Covid safe experience.

Sat 7th August 2021 :10am-4pm Pittenweem New Town Hall Session Street, Pittenweem, KY10 2QL, Fife

More Info: Ian Graham, 07762 203576