Pittenweem Community Council – Minutes – 10th June 2021

Download: FINAL Draft PCC Minutes 10 June 2021

Minutes of Meeting held in the New Town Hall

on Thursday 10th June 2021 at 7pm


Present: Margaret Wardlaw, Linda Lauder, Peter Mills, Jim Wood, Gary McClure, Lynn Balfour

Councillors: Cllr. John Docherty, Cllr. Linda Holt, Cllr. Bill Porteous

Apologies: None

Public Attending: One member of the public was in attendance.

Opening of Meeting:
The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.

MW informed attendees that both Anne Butters and Martin Butters tendered their respective resignations from the PCC due to health reasons. It was agreed that both Anne and Martin had been valuable members of the PCC and had put a lot of work and effort into PCC initiatives, particularly around the NTH improvements, and will be missed. The Councillors also noted thanks for their good work for the community.

MW confirmed that a new Treasurer will need to be appointed and reported that the bank account is currently sitting at £336.98.

Proposal of May 2021 Minutes
The May minutes were proposed by P. Mills and seconded by G. McClure.

MW highlighted that PCC minutes have been in draft form throughout the period PCC meetings have taken place online via Zoom and require to be retrospectively ratified now that in person meetings have resumed. All PCC members confirmed they were happy to approve these sets of minutes.

It was noted that FC no longer permit the upload of Community Council minutes to their website and have confirmed these should be hosted on individual Community Council websites.

MW noted that visitors attending the PCC meetings should not be named in the minutes.

Councillors’ Reports
Cllr BP noted at a recent North East Fife Area Committee meeting updated Police and Fire reports were received. A public question was also asked about whether East Neuk and Landward should become a national park. In response to that, Bill Lindsay from FC will provide a briefing on the impact of this proposal.

Cllr LH noted a special report has been commissioned about the ongoing recycling centre debate and is due out in the middle of June. Cllr LH also noted that Lesley Craig from FC has agreed to a site visit in Pittenweem on 24 June 2021 following an email request submitted by LL. Thanks were noted to LL for pursuing this.

Cllr JD noted there may be plans to open up the recycling centre in the future. Cllr JD also noted that there is an ongoing Police investigation into an altercation that took place in Pittenweem several weeks ago.

Matters Arising

Tolbooth Steeple
PM reported that work is ongoing with the cutting of stones and the clock faces have been taken away.

PM reported that the latest meetings to discuss proposals for the MUPS have not been successful. FC have been setting deadlines and subsequently failing to meet them. There is concern that Pittenweem and Anstruther will not be able to come to an agreement on a route. SUSTRANS is supportive of the need to get agreement by both communities. PM noted this should be possible as both communities have the same aim of securing a useful path for community use. The next step is to wait for proper maps to be produced by FC. PM and JW will attend the next ACG meeting and provide an update at the next PCC meeting.

Road Safety on A917
It was noted that the police are focussing on speeding at the Waterless Bridge when the key area of concern is Viewforth Place. It was agreed that this should be raised with Lesley Craig from FC when she visits Pittenweem. PM noted that questions on proposals to reduce speeding should be included in a community consultation if taken forward. MW noted that the police issue warnings but not fines to those caught speeding meaning there is no deterrent. LL noted she asked the police for a formal report on the speeding initiatives they have taken forward. The police reported they had carried out speed checks on three separate occasions during April and as a result issued 14 warnings to drivers. PM noted that a survey about speeding is about to be carried out by residents who live along the main road (A917).

East Neuk Broadband
Cllr LH noted that this initiative was not eligible for the UK Levelling Up fund but that an application has gone forward to the UK Renewal Fund via FC. This project would look at various ways of getting better broadband across Fife. Cllr BP noted those in the community without fibre broadband should contact their suppliers in order to be upgraded as a lot of companies are keen to get fibre out across communities.

Community Consultation
PM provided an update on a possible way forward with a community consultation noting that for the cost of £2000 it is likely only a limited survey could be carried out which does not seem adequate. There are funding opportunities, but a detailed survey could be costly as PM noted that the Crail carried out their Charrette at a cost of £47,000. It was agreed that the PCC would not wish to pursue such a costly exercise.  It was agreed that taking forward a community consultation will take a lot of resource and expertise. The PCC currently does not have this given a dedicated team would be needed to work on a consultation exercise in order to carry it out properly. It was also agreed that an inclusive approach to a consultation is needed to ensure that all members of the community have access to complete a survey, and that both electronic and paper options should be considered. PM agreed to speak with the person who carried out the last survey to discuss with the WBP to see if any volunteers would be willing to get involved. Cllr LH and Cllr JD offered to assist.

Out of Hours
No further update

Recycling Centre
No further update

Police Report
It was noted a copy of the Police report was received on 30 May 2021 and circulated to all PCC members. MW has issued an invitation to the Police to attend a future PCC meeting. It was noted that a community meeting was previously promised with resident to discuss anti-social behaviour in the community. MW confirmed she would follow up on this. MW also confirmed that the Police caught a perpetrator responsible for vandalism around the NTH, and the problems have stopped for now.

Cove Wynd
PM reported that the light on order to be fitted in Cove Wynd has not yet arrived.

MW noted the joiner is having trouble obtaining the metal fixture for the noticeboard and is therefore trying to replicate the piece of metal needed.

MW noted the Men’s Shed is likely to be back up and running by the end of the month and will be renting a garage as a base for their work. LL noted that she will be unable to organise transportation of the benches until the end of July. MW noted she will find out if an alternative arrangement can be made to transport the benches.

Yellow Lines in South Loan and Walkabout
MW noted that the issue with the placement of yellow lines on South Loan dates back to 2019 and little progress has been made. It was agreed to highlight this to Lesley Craig from FC during her visit to Pittenweem. It was noted that parking in South Loan is problematic. LL reported that Stuart Goodfellow from FC had confirmed the process for marking the lines has started. The issue for emergency vehicle access was highlighted again.

MW reported that the NTH has its own website up and running and that there is a section for the PCC to host information. It was agreed that for the purpose of displaying PCC minutes, this will be a useful additional website.

MW noted there had been no further correspondence from the contact person in the French town. MW has contacted people who are involved with Twinning in other towns, but they have responded to say they have no historical knowledge of how these agreements were set up. Cllr BP noted Donald Grant at FC may be able to assist with this.

New Members
MW highlighted the urgent need for new PCC members. There was a discussion about a member of the community in attendance becoming a PCC member. It was noted that in order to have voting rights on the committee, members must live within the designated electoral role area, however there is the possibility of co-opting non-voting members. Cllr BP noted that the process would be for the Community Council to propose the person, the person to accept and for this to be recorded in the minutes. It was highlighted that co-opted members do not have voting rights.

Charles Street
MW noted the broken toby cover has still not been fixed. MW will chase this up again.

Damaged Pavements
MW confirmed there was still no response from FC and will mention this to Lesley Craig from FC when she visits Pittenweem.

provided the following Planning updates:

  • Permission granted for the installation of floodlights and containers at Tennis Club.
  • Great House, Priory Court. Application for internal alterations of a listed building.
  • 23 Charles Street. Application for the installation of a woodburning stove.


The application for the installation of the woodburning stove at 23 Charles Street was discussed. It was noted that woodburning stoves are considered a health hazard and account for 40% of PM2.5. particulate.  It was proposed that the PCC submits an objection to this application. PCC members voted on this and 4 members voted in favour of lodging an objection. JW will take this forward.

Secretary’s Report
LL provided the following updates in addition to those already covered in the meeting:

  • LL has taken over the management of the Community Council Noticeboard Facebook page and added the agenda for this month’s meeting.
  • The details of the Police speeding report received included:
    • Friday 23rd April 2021 – Speed site A917 Viewforth Place, Pittenweem, 2x warnings issued, no Fixed Penalty Notices
    • Sunday 25th April 2021 – Speed site A917 Milton Place Pittenweem, 9x warnings, no Fixed Penalty Notices
    • Wednesday 28th April 2021 – Speed Site A917 Milton Place Pittenweem, 3x warnings, no Fixed Penalty Notices
  • Stuart Goodfellow from FC confirmed he is aware of the changes required to South Loan in Pittenweem noted that Eva Martinez from FC has taken over responsibility for this area.
  • The forms for applying for the annual grant for 2021/22 will be issued next week. Grant applications now require a list of Community Council meeting dates from the previous financial year (01.04.20 – 31.03.21), which should be returned along with the audited accounts and bank statement for the same period.
  • LL made enquires regarding that status of the insurance.   Insurance with Zurich is confirmed and an update copy will be sent out in due course.


Chair’s report
No further update.


It was noted that there may be an application for change of use for this business. Cllr JD noted he sits on the Fife Licencing Board and will ensure all regulations are followed if an application is received.


University Terrace
noted an email from a resident had been received expressing concern about anti-social behaviour at University Terrace.



MW noted that several complaints had been received about reduced parking for locals due to the increase in holiday home parking. Cllr BP noted this is a problem throughout East Neuk villages as there are too many vehicles and not enough space. It was noted that motorhomes have also been parking overnight at the West Braes. Cllr JD noted that the Police can be called if this continues.  It was agreed that better signage would be helpful to signpost visitors to the available car parks. A suggestion was made about using the same set up for parking during the busy summer period as is implemented for the Arts Festival. Cllr BP noted that there will be a significant increase in visitors this summer due to staycations. It was agreed this would be raised with Lesley Craig from FC during her visit to Pittenweem.


Pittenweem in Bloom

MW noted an approach had been made to the PCC about taking over this initiative. It was agreed that the PCC would not be in a position to take this on but would be keen to support any new members joining the group. It was agreed that Pittenweem in Bloom volunteers could be invited to the PCC to explain future plans.


The following points were noted:

  • The charity ‘Footprint East Neuk’ has received funding from Climate Action Fife to run three workshops over the summer that will aim to highlight action that can be taken by individuals to address the climate crisis. More details will be sent shortly, and Community Councils will be invited to attend these workshops.
  • There was a discussion about how best to recruit new members for the It was agreed that it would be helpful to advertise what the PCC does. PM will circulate the annual report from 2019 which could be used to publicise the good work of the PCC. It was agreed that information could be added to the noticeboard, put on Facebook and displayed in the Library.
  • MW noted that all the accounting books have been passed on to her and she is happy to take on the role of Treasurer in the interim. PCC members agreed to this and thanked MW for taking this on temporarily. MW noted that the NTH also requires a person to take on the accounts and perhaps that person could do the same for the PCC.

MW closed the meeting at 9.00 pm by thanking everyone for attending.

Next Meeting: Thursday 8th July 2021 at 7:00pm in the NTH.


PCC – Pittenweem Community Council. MW – Margaret Wardlaw, LL – Linda Lauder, AB – Anne Butters, MB – Martin Butters, PM – Peter Mills, GM – Gary McClure and JW – Jim Wood.

Cllr LH – Councillor Linda Holt, Cllr – JD Councillor John Docherty and Cllr BP – Councillor Bill Porteous. FC – Fife Council.

OOHS – Out of Hours Service, MUP – Multi Use Path, PAF – Pittenweem Arts Festival, NTH – New Town Hall. WBP – West Braes Project.

CGF – Common Good Fund, FCCT – Fife Coast and Countryside Trust